The Locksmith issue #3 cover

Our intrepid detective, Mick Fagan, returns for the third issue in this five-part series: THE LOCKSMITH: Cry Me a River of Blood.

It’s another 44 pages of Neo-Noir mystery, fantasy and science fiction. Bodies continue to pile up in issue 3. Fagan knows that death is nothing more than a subway token with unlimited transfers between the past, present and future…

As such, trouble’s brewing back in 17th century Italy and he’s going to have to hop aboard the express. But nothing is certain as Lucero returns in the form of a meteorite, hell-bent on earth’s destruction.

What once was… Is, again.

What will be, has already happened.

And whatever IT is…

I’m going to find it.

And then, I’m shutting it down.

Issue 2: The Voice In Your Head Is Just You When You’re Dead


Issue #2 finds Detective Mick Fagan trying to come to terms with all the bodies that are beginning to pile up around him. There is no doubt in his mind now, that whatever, or whomever this Lucero is, he is in It’s crosshairs.


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The Locksmith issue #3 page 14
The Locksmith issue #3 page 28
The Locksmith issue #3 page 35
Artist: Anderson Cabral
Artist: Terrance Grace
The Locksmith pinup by Daniele Serra
The Locksmith pinup by Terrance Grace
The Locksmith pinup by Silvio dB
Artist: Silvio dB

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